Fabricated Metals is continuously evaluating new ideas and concepts which provide exclusive features for our FLO-BINŽ containers. Some of the features that were exclusive in the past and now generally accepted by the industry are:

  • Top fill, bottom discharge container. Cone bottom discharge. The use of standard barrel closure for the top fill fitting, and conventional barrel lock ring to seal the top fill fitting. The use of a sliding gate bottom discharge door. The use of an internal sock to give dust-tight transfer from one bin to another to process. The rectangular cross section of 44" x 52" so that, depending upon the direction the containers were placed, they could efficiently use the width of a highway transport or a railroad car. The installation of a vibrator socket on the cone of each bin to assist in discharging the last bit of material.

In addition to the above features which now enjoy general acceptance in the industry, we have exclusive features which should be discussed. These features are:

  • Bottom camlock doors. This device protects the gasket seal on the bottom of the bin by allowing the door to drop away from the gasket prior to moving open. The camlock assembly offers no restriction to product movement. No hang up in slides or guides which was the problem with sliding doors.
  • Our skids are designed to encase the forks when transporting a bin, thus providing a wide margin of safety over any container that are simply lifted by contacting the underside of the bin.
  • The FLO-BINŽ rectangular cross section and cone bottom make it ideal for blending through tumbling. The FLO-BINŽ , when tumbled on a diagonal axis does a good mixing job for many chemicals. (See description of FLO-BINŽ TUMBLER)

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