Tumblers & Inverters

Fabricated Metals, Inc. manufactures a complete line of Tumblers and Inverters for in plant blending. Shown are Tumblers for the food and pharmaceutical industries. These are made in stainless steel. For the industrial markets the Tumblers are manufactured in carbon steel with a variety of exterior coatings being offered.

The main advantage of in-plant Tumblers is that batch processing is done in one FLO-BIN® container. The components to be blended are loaded in the container, the container is then tumbled / mixed, and then brought to process. If process is not ready the product can be safely stored until production is ready. All this time the blended product has not been transferred to any other type of container or process. Product integrity and purity are maintained for each batch. Another very important feature is that by using FLO-BIN® containers the labor of transferring the product in and out of blenders, hoppers and transfer containers is eliminated.

More and more companies are choosing FLO-BIN® Tumblers to replace typical cone and ribbon blenders.

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