Bulk Grease has the following benefits

Cost Savings: Increase your profits with FLO-BIN® containers. EPA approved disposal of grease in 55 gallon drums cost up to $ 250 per drum. Bulk grease eliminates this cost. Fill one large Fabricated Metals bin directly from the grease suppliers truck and get the most for your money. 55 Gallon Grease-Bin with bottom outlet
Time Savings: These Fabricated Metals bins are sized to fit your needs, eliminating frequent drum changes. You won't waste time by handling 55 gallon drums. One 550 gallon FLO-BIN® can hold 10 - 55 gallon drums.
Heavy Duty Grease-Bin dispenser
Space Savings: Don't waste costly storage space with 55 gallon drums. One large container is all you'll need. As you reduce your storage space, inventory control becomes simple and accurate. Grease-Bin with side pump pocket
Waste Savings: Bulk grease eliminates waste. At an average of 10 pounds of grease left in most 400 pound drums, the price of grease can become costly. FLO-BIN® grease-bin containers get rid of this waste and puts all the grease into useful production.  


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