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LIQUA-BIN ® rectangular Intermediate Bulk Containers ( IBC's) have enjoyed wide acceptance in many markets. The continuing use of LIQUA-BIN ® containers in many new applications is an indication of the broad industry movement. Fabricated Metals exclusive features for round LIQUA-BIN ® containers are:

1. Top fill, bottom discharge. Rectangular LIQUA-BIN Photo
2. The use of standard barrel closure for the top fill fittings, and conventional barrel lock rings to seal the top fill fittings.
3. Our skids are designed to encase the forks when transporting a bin, thus providing a wide margin of safety over any of the containers that are simply lifted by contacting the under side of the bin.
4. The skids are equipped with corner legs, which on LIQUA-BIN® containers serve as an interlocking device when the bins are stacked one on top of another. When LIQUA-BIN® IBC's are stacked, the skid of one bin interlocks a full 3" or more with the top flange of the bottom bin to provide a safe positioning device and an interlock.
5. LIQUA-BIN® IBC's are intentionally designed round to eliminate the constant flexing of the bin side walls as occur with square bins.
6. Standard 4 way entry to provide ease of handling.
7. LIQUA-BIN® containers may be fitted with a flexible internal follower plate that assists in dispensing viscous materials.
8. Our standard LIQUA-BIN® is available with either a barrel closure or a pressure / vacuum / temperature relief manhole. The LIQUA-BIN® IBC's that have the pressure/vacuum/temperature relief manhole have an additional advantage that excess pressure can be quickly relieved in the event of exposure to temperature.

9. Our new line of Double Walled LIQUA-BIN® containers incorporate secondary containment in an approved UL listed container. Both inner and outer tanks have the UL certification No. 142.


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