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Manufacturing & Sales Office

CSI Fabricated Metal Bins

6910 West Ridge Road

Fairview, PA 16415

Phone:  814-474-9353

FAX:     814-474-5797

E-Mail: info@flo-bin.com




CSI Fabricated Metal Bins is a global company with Dealers, Agents, and Manufacturing locations around the world. For further information please contact us at info@flo-bin.com and your request will be forwarded to the nearest location to you.







CSI Fabricated Metal Bins
Material Handling Technology

A Division of CSI Industries

6910 West Ridge Road
Fairview, PA 16415

Tel: 800-937-9033
Tel: 814-474-9353
Fax: 814-474-5797
Customer Service : 800-435-8884


E-Mail us at: info@flo-bin.com

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